We’re at our absolute best when we run with an idea we believe in. Like Mr Wolf, we think fast and act fast. We share a passion for product design and feel right at home with product positioning, design & development.


Dimi Paun, Co-founder

Dimi's picture
Dimi packs experience, enthusiasm and tenaciousness into an effective punch. Half missionary + half mercenary, he enjoys dealing with seemingly intractable problems — and solving them.

Mihai Popa, Co-founder

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A former consultant turned Internet entrepreneur, Mihai enjoys building products. He’s got 20 years of experience delivering large project successfully for companies such as GM, Barclays, AMEX, and D&B.

Doru Droscaru, Partner

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Doru has a keen eye for functional design. He helped shape clear and straightforward visual identities for small and large organizations like DDB and their clients. His work got praised at advertising award shows like the New York Festivals.